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How to Prepare Your Vehicle Wrap for Winter

Winter is here whether you want it to be or not. It's unavoidable in Ohio. Upkeeping your vinyl wrap especially during the winter will prolong the life of the wrap. The maintenance and look of the graphics on your vehicle are very important when it comes to the public impression of your business. A frazzled vinyl wrap can lead to a bad reputation for your business.

Vinyl wraps protect your vehicle's paint and are very durable, as long as they are well maintained and kept clean. Follow these tips to keep your graphics looking good as new once spring arrives.

Tip #1 - Avoid Pressure Washing

We recommend hand washing your vinyl to avoid the edges from peeling and cracking. Use a mild detergent and water mix when cleaning. If you must pressure wash, use the lowest pressure setting and cold water. Keep the nozzle more than two feet from the vinyl.

Tip #2 - Wash Away Salt

With the salt on the roads during snowy conditions, it’s important you routinely clean your vinyl wrap. Salt can corrode vinyl when left on it for too long, just like it can do with your paint. We recommend washing your vehicle once a week to stop the increase of salt during the winter. If you're too cold to completely wash your vehicle, you can rinse the base of your wrap where the most exposure with salt was made.

Tip #3 - Avoid Using an Ice Scraper

Although you use an ice scraper on your windshield during the snowy days, use a cloth to remove the snow from your vinyl wrap. A scraper can can potentially scratch your vinyl. To remove stuck-on debris, run water (not hot) over the debris until it loosens and wipes away with a non-abrasive towel or sponge.

Keep Your Vehicle Wrap Clean During the Cold Months

Longevity is key when you get your vehicle wrapped. Keeping your vinyl wrap clean with a soft cloth to avoid salt and stains from permanent damage pays off. Avoid scraping and pressure washing. Your vehicle wrap’s condition controls the look of your company while advertising it. Follow these vinyl care tips during the winter months for newer looking and longer lasting vinyl wraps.

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